LAE is a non-profit organization founded by Artist Thaddaeus in 2020. It’s objective is to expose rural areas in the Acadiana region of Louisiana to all forms of art and art therapy as well as educate and mentally uplift individuals of all ages through motivational community projects, art workshops , summer art camps, after school art programs , career development classes and providing creative resources for local churches and other staples of the community.



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Power Forward Project

Approve by Ville Platte,LA City Council on 2/9/21


The “Power Forward” Project;

This project aims to beautify The Martin Luther King Center and Romeo Hargrove Park on the Southside of  Ville Platte, LA through sponsorship and community participation. The project will focus specifically on a complete basketball court makeover. This will consist of a foundation restoration, hand painted murals for each court, hand painted backboards and rims, installation of solar powered rim lights, and new guest benches. The project will also provide the MLK center with an outside mural on the wall that faces the basketball court as well fresh paint and a mini mural for the outside restrooms adjacent to both MLK center and the courts. The project will offer volunteer opportunities to all ages as well as work with local churches and organizations to give youth who are interested in the arts an opportunity to be mentored by Thaddaeus Arvie during the project. The project will hold an annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament for both youths and adults offering a cash prize to the champion as well as a community block party and expo. Dates TBD



As Thaddaeus has grown in his career as a professional Artist, he began to meet people from all walks of life. He noticed how far behind he started from his peers in the same field. The lack of representation, knowledge, and creative outlets in his community caused Thaddaeus to have to take a more strenuous path than most to accomplish his goals. He vowed to take all that he has learned and bring it back to his community in hopes to inspire his community by adding value through visual aesthetics and filling the role of being representation for those who may be aspiring artists by giving them the tools to succeed and compete in this industry. 


Arvie declared LAE’s first project would be the “Power Forward” Project. This project would highlight one of the few outlets Ville Platte provides, Athletics. Ville Platte has always been a basketball town. We all learn to love it in some form or fashion. Whether it was screaming for your baby cousin playing Youth basketball to attending a packed out Evangeline Parish High School Tournament. We thrive for the competitiveness, Arvie often think of his hometown friends who still argue over pick up games from high school...This sport has been one of the few ways some individuals from this community has been able to see the world outside of Ville Platte and the Romeo Hargrove Park basketball court has been a staple in the community for years .This particular court has help developed so many great hometown players built lifetime friendships and mutual respect in the neighborhood. Arvie wants to give this  basketball court a makeover to bring new life to that particular side of town and give the residents of Ville platte a new sense of value and a major reason to be proud of their community. He hopes to inspire his community to Power Forward to a new future!